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Adam P. Melnikov

 Melnikov Adam P.Adam P. Melnikov is a Candidate of Philosophical Sciences and holds the position of an Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science.

He graduated from Belarusian State University in 1965. He took a post-graduate course in 1970. He defended thesis in Philosophy «Mutual enrichment and rapprochement of national cultures in the course of communism building» in 1974.

Adam P. Melnikov lectures in Political Science, Political Culture (author's course).
His main teaching and research interests focus on problems of culture, national relations and management of social processes.

He is the author of over 200 publications. His recent publications include «Political Conflict: training manual» (2010), «Political Culture in Society: training manual» (2010), «Historical Stages in the Development of Political Theories and Doctrines» (2011), «Political Science: Course Book» (2011), co-authored with Nina Antanovich and others.

1. Political conflict: training manual.
Considerable attention is paid to identifying the cause of political conflicts and their typology. Taking into account geopolitical situation, special emphases is given to problems of ethno-political and international conflicts, as well as domestic political crises. The final part of the work deals with the ways and means of settlement and resolution of political conflicts.

2. Political Culture in Society: manual.
The author discloses the concept and nature of political culture, its structure, typology, national characteristics. Considerable attention is paid to the interaction between politics and morality in the implementation of political culture, issues of political risk, as well as the culture of political conflicts.

3. Historical Stages in the Development of Political Theories and Doctrines. The author concentrates mainly on the development of European political thought, including political doctrines of Russia and Belarus. The main stages of the dynamics of political ideas correspond to the historical stages of development of human society.

4. Political Science: course book.
Such essential sections of political science as «The theory and methodology of political science», «Political institutes in Belarus», «Political processes in Belarus and the modern world», «The International political relations and geopolitics» are revealed on the basis of the system approach. The course book is added by new section «The State policy and management in Belarus»

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